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Freelance Contemporary Abstract Artist

About the Artist

Helen Lack

Contemporary Abstract Artist
Born in the U.K and studied Art throughout her education, Helen moved to London where she became a fashion/advertising photographer working with models in Europe and Australia. She is now working as a contemporary abstract artist influenced by expression and vibrant colours!

She specialises in astronomy and cosmic rays/ energy. Her collections have been exhibited at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage - along with her works specialising in Astronomy shown at the Bricklane gallery in London.

The Gallery


Helen Lack

Inspirational Galleries

Helen Lack
Using different techniques she incorporates Surface texture into her works, her inspiration comes from Natural Elements and our Planets in the Universe. Her style is full of passion, individuality and Energy,
she produces unique and original abstract art.

Heat in the Moment

Helen Lack

Damage on Earth

Helen Lack

Broken Panes

Helen Lack

Barbed Wire

Helen Lack


Natural Elements

Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage, Herts
February - April 2017
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Contemporary painting

The Bricklane Gallery, London
March, 2017
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Between The Lines

Espacio Gallery, London
April 11-16, 2017
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Art in the Trees

Cafe Cha Cha, Watford
April to June 2017
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Herts Visual Spring

New Maynard Gallery, Hertfordshire
April/May 2017
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The Bricklane Gallery

Contemporary Painting exhibition on the 21 Feb - 6 Mar 2017
Helen's abstract works are vibrant and full of colour and texture - her collection was received extremely positively by our visitors.

We were honoured to work with such a passionate and prolific artist, we hope she will keep experimenting with abstract art to develop and refine her own aesthetic.

Beauty and Me

"An innovative contemporary Artist"
Helen Lacks paintings are being displayed in my beauty salon, they add colour and impact, where clients can enjoy beauty treatments in a contemporary setting.

I highly recommend her for any commissions or art projects.

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Land and Sea

Acrylic on Canvas
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Acrylic on Canvas
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Acrylic on Canvas
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